We are a boutique, intelligent hiring platform.

We connect companies with top-performing candidates. You are only three interviews away from hiring the best talent. Want to learn more? Join our beta!

We are a boutique, intelligent hiring platform.

We understand the pain of hiring

We understand the pain of hiring

Talent Scarcity

There's a significant global shortage in technology skills, affecting a wide range of industries and hindering businesses in the digital age.

Longer to Hire

On average, it takes 63 days to fill a tech role, highlighting the difficulty and timeconsuming nature of finding qualified talent in a competitive market.

Attracting Tallent

On average, top IT professionals are showered with a whopping 6-8 job offers per day, underlining the intense competition to secure top-tech talent.

Our Approach


Instant Developer Pre-Screening through AI

Our AI-powered system swiftly evaluates 5-7 developers based on your criteria. Experienced recruiters then arrange personalized meetings with each developer, strategically showcasing your project's potential.


Unveiling a Vast, Proven Database of Candidates

Our extensive database, meticulously crafted over years of industry presence, provides access to a pool of experienced and proven candidates. We connect you with talent that aligns with your needs, ensuring a reliable and effective hiring process.


Fast, Top Talent and Easy Process

Our commitment revolves around delivering quick responses, presenting top-tier candidates that match your requirements, and facilitating a straightforward communication and delivery process. This ensures your journey with us is efficient, successful, and hassle-free.

Our Culture & Values

At our core, we're more than recruiters – we're a community where talent find not just jobs, but fulfillment. Our philosophy revolves around happiness: both for clients and talent. This belief drives us, shaping our approach and defining our unique identity.

Our Culture & Values

Crafting a Personalized Experience

As a boutique agency, we prioritize quality. Each interaction is personalized, reflecting our dedication to meaningful connections aligning with our values and the needs of clients and candidates.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

We value harmony between work and personal life, fostering productivity, creativity, and well-being through a healthy work-life balance.

Embracing Remote Work Culture

Our ethos extends to remote work. We champion the freedom it offers, enabling our team to thrive and deliver from wherever they're inspired.

Dedicated to Innovative Solutions

Innovation is at the heart of our approach. We're committed to finding cutting-edge solutions that enhance our services and drive progress, ensuring our methods are as forward-thinking as our clients' ambitions.

Our Clients

Across continents, our clients' success echoes our collaborative ethos, contributing to a remarkable $3 billion in annual revenue. Their achievements across diverse markets embody our mutual dedication to excellence.

Our Clients
Routable's Expansion

Routable's Expansion

Enabled Routable's rapid growth by recruiting 10 exceptional engineers. Our responsive hiring strategy met their urgent needs effectively.

Bonsai's Amplified Teams

Bonsai's Amplified Teams

Boosted Bonsai's success by scaling their engineering and design teams. Our strategic approach fortified their capabilities and productivity.

Opencomp's Internal Advancement

Opencomp's Internal Advancement

Spearheaded Opencomp's progress by scaling their internal teams. Our tailored solutions aligned with their objectives, bolstering their organisational development.


Delve into our FAQs for a clear understanding of how Boshu connects U.S.-based tech companies with elite remote developers. This section offers concise answers to your queries, reflecting our commitment to transparency and effective communication. Discover how our approach and values shape a seamless remote collaboration experience.

01. What does Boshu specialize in?

Boshu bridges the gap between U.S.-based tech companies and skilled remote developers, focusing on finding the perfect talent match for our clients' specific needs.

02. How does the Boshu platform operate?

Our platform simplifies the hiring process. We select, hire, and onboard top developers, providing U.S.-based clients with expert remote talent, while handling all recruitment and administrative tasks.

03. Who are Boshu's typical clients?

We serve a wide range of U.S.-based tech companies, from emerging startups to established enterprises, assisting them in finding ideal developer talent for their projects.

04. How does Boshu ensure developer quality?

We conduct rigorous assessments, including technical tests, interviews, and evaluations of experience and references, to ensure only the highest caliber developers join our pool.

05. What is Boshu's process for hiring and onboarding developers?

Clients select from our curated list of developers, conducting interviews to find their ideal match. We then facilitate a smooth onboarding process for effective remote collaboration.

06. How are developers' hourly rates determined at Boshu?

Rates are based on the developer's expertise, experience, and prevailing market conditions, ensuring fair and competitive pricing for both our developers and clients.

07. What benefits do clients gain from working with Boshu?

Clients save time and resources in hiring, gain access to skilled developers, and enjoy seamless remote collaboration, all while we handle the administrative and logistical aspects.

08. Does working with Boshu involve long-term commitments?

We offer flexible engagement options, allowing clients to work with developers for either short-term or long-term projects, adapting to their changing project needs.

09. How does Boshu address collaboration challenges?

We actively communicate with clients and developers to resolve any issues, ensuring a positive and productive working relationship throughout the collaboration.

10. What sets Boshu apart from competitors?

Our meticulous developer selection process, personalized client service, and focus on satisfaction differentiate us, with an emphasis on quality, timely delivery, and effective communication.

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